Alice Engelbrink’s Holiday Potluck to Feed a Crowd

When you need a delicious, easy-to-make dish that will feed a hungry crowd at your next holiday gathering, check out Alice Engelbrink’s Instant Pot recipes.

Alice’s Instant Pot Recipes

Whether you’re hosting a holiday potluck or you’re a guest, you need some recipes that are easy to make, will feed a hungry crowd and, of course, are delicious. Alice Engelbrink’s Instant Pot recipes are the perfect solution! If you’re a regular reader of her blogs, you know about Alice Engelbrink’s Killer Chili. But that’s just the start.

Why are Alice’s large batch recipes so popular?

Alice’s large batch cooking recipes have been favorites among her family and friends for years. She’s come up with many of these recipes herself and has collected many more from other people here in Houston and around the world.

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Engelbrink Instant Pot Recipes for Potlucks

Alice has always believed that preparing delicious food should never get in the way of spending time with loved ones. When she discovered all of the delicious, nourishing food that can be easily cooked with an Instant Pot, she set about collecting and creating recipes that could make any crowd happy. Instant pot recipes by Alice Engelbrink are perfect for bringing to a potluck, making on a camping trip or preparing in your own kitchen.

Alice Engelbrink’s Tips For Cooking For Family Gatherings

Alice’s motto is “Cook what you love, for the people you love.” What better time to do this than on holidays? Whether you’re going to a Fourth of July party or a Christmas gathering, when you show up with one of Alice’s Instant Pot recipes, you know people will be extra happy to see you.

Have you ever hosted a potluck where no one brought quite enough food or some things just didn’t suit anyone’s taste? You can always save the day if you have one or two of these Instant Pot recipes ready to serve.

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More Alice Engelbrink Large Batch Recipes For Instant Pot

For more of Alice’s large batch cooking recipes for every occasion and tons of other entertaining ideas and fascinating information, visit any of Alice’s blogs or check out her Facebook page.

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