Instant Pot Recipes by Alice Engelbrink

Plan for a delicious dinner and a cozy night at home with instant pot recipes from Houston chef Alice Engelbrink. Drop it in and take the night off from cooking!

Alice Engelbrink’s Fast Instant Pot Recipes

With the ease and convenience of the versatile instant pot, you no longer have to choose between a relaxing evening and a cozy family dinner. Use one of Alice Engelbrink’s fast weeknight dinners to throw together the ingredients you need, and relax with a glass of wine as your delicious meal cooks.

Easy Instant Pot Recipes by Alice Engelbrink

You’ll be amazed by all the things your instant pot can do, while giving you the freedom to enjoy time with your family instead of sweating in the kitchen alone. Try out some of these Engelbrink easy instant pot recipes today and give yourself a much-deserved break!

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Pulled Pork Barbecue

Perfect for one of Alice’s quick lunches or a messy but delicious dinner, use the instant pot to slow-cook or pressure-cook barbecue pork. Simply drop in the pork tenderloin, mix in your favorite sauces, and set it to cook according to your timeline. Alice prefers classic East Texas style with a sweet, ketchup-based sauce and some smoky Hickory wood flavor, but you can take it anywhere you want.

Once you’ve picked your sauces, all you have to do is wait for it to cook and come back when it’s done. Pressure-cooking one pound of meat, which will leave it nice and moist, should take about 50 minutes at high pressure. Then take it out and watch that mouth-watering barbecue come apart easily with a fork. Use buns, add toppings like cole slaw, and enjoy it for dinner or as an easy lunch the next day.

Classic Shepherd’s Pie

One of our favorites of Alice Engelbrink’s fast weeknight dinners is the traditional shepherd’s pie. It’s a tasty, hearty meal that can please the whole family, and with a multi-functional device like the instant pot, it’s easy and convenient, too. While you could just toss everything together, it’ll be even better if you take it in steps.

For best results, you should sauté the beef and onions first. Then add the vegetables, spices, and broth, and you put the potatoes on top. Cook on high pressure for 15 to 20 minutes, and then take the potatoes out and mash them with butter, cream and garlic salt. For a perfect, elegant looking pie, you can transfer it to a baking pan, add the potatoes on top, and broil in the oven for a few minutes to give it that delicious golden brown look. You’ll have a lovely dinner, and you’ll probably have leftovers to use for one of Alice’s quick lunches the next day!

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Alice Engelbrink’s recipes match your speed!

As you can see, some instant pot options are as quick and simple as can be, while others are slightly more complex, although it’s still not as time-consuming as it would be without an instant pot. If you’re busy, or it’s just an average weeknight, try one of the straightforward dump and push start recipes from Alice Engelbrink. If it’s a special occasion, you can try something a little fancier if you want to impress!

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