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Alice Engelbrink’s blogs reflect her passion for family, food, entertaining, travel and bridge. Check out her fast, easy and delicious family-friendly recipes for every occasion.

Alice Engelbrink, A Houston Woman

Alice Engelbrink’s a Houston woman through and through. Engelbrink is a retired CPA in Houston, TX. However, she’s originally from Austin, TX. There she attended St. Mary’s Academy and later University of Texas at Austin.

Alice’s Passions

A bridge enthusiast, Alice has played in tournaments throughout the world. She has an international circle of bridge friends. She’s written extensively on her blogs about how to become a better bridge player. She’s also written about some of the many countries in which she’s participated in bridge tournaments, including Ireland, Holland and Iceland. She’s found that bridge is a universal language that can bring people together.

Alice Engelbrink is a houston writer and blogger about quick and easy instant pot recipes
A killer chili recipe using the instant pot by Alice Engelbrink

Alice Engelbrink’s Bridge Parties

Her bridge parties at home became so popular that they led to another passion – party planning. She shares her party planning tips on her blog, Facebook page and on other social media venues. Murder mystery dinners are one of her specialties. From murder mystery plots to props to recipes, she’s got ideas for every aspect of a good murder mystery party.

Engelbrink Kid-Friendly Meals

Even when she worked full time, Alice always found time to cook for her family. Now she shares her recipes with others. Alice Engelbrink’s kid-friendly meals can satisfy even the pickiest eaters, and they’re easy to whip up.

Alice’s quick and easy instant pot recipes are her specialty. They’re simple to make, they cook while you’re getting ready for guests or welcoming them, and clean-up is fast and easy. Alice most popular Instant Pot recipe is her Houston Killer Chili.

As much as she loves to travel the world and meet new people, Alice puts family and community service above all else. Her motto is “Cook what you love, for the people you love.”

A photo of Alice Engelbrink and Richard Engelbrink together cooking in the instant pot

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You can find Alice’s posts on bridge, travel, lifestyle, family, cooking, entertaining and more at aliceengelbrink.com or one of the other sites devoted to all things Alice Engelbrink — a Houston woman whose love of life and family has been infectious to those around her.

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